01-01-24 EX

  1. The recipient of this document is responsible for ensuring any relevant information contained within is communicated to site and project management teams.
  2. It is the clients responsibility to advise our team of any health and safety, access or other site requirements prior to accepting our quote.
  3. Prior to our team’s arrival, the areas requiring installation must be clear and accessible. Any finished fixtures, furniture or surfaces in the vicinity should be reported by the customer in writing before or at the time of accepting this quotation and confirmation provided that these areas and or items shall be suitably protected by others ahead of our installation being carried out.
  4. We assume that any permits required for the works have been applied for and are in place prior to our work commencing.
  5. It is presumed that our operatives will be able to work unobstructed for the duration of our visit. Any delays resulting from failure to adequately prepare the workspace prior to our arrival may be chargeable at a rate of £575.00 plus vat per operative, per extra day required due to the delay(s).
  6. We require 48 hours notice to reschedule any booked installations. Abortive costs will apply at a rate of £575.00 plus vat per operative if we are informed with less than 48hours notice or if we arrive to site that is not considered ready.
  7. Unless agreed upfront our operatives will not start work that cannot be completed in full. There will be an additional charge for any rooms where the installation work must be phased.
  8. In the event that a project cannot be completed in a single visit please bear in mind remobilisation time will be determined by our scheduled availability at the time. Regular updates will be emailed to the identified site and project managers on our availability throughout the duration of our works.
  9. Prior to our arrival, the substrates must be secure, level, prepared, checked for flatness, and in a suitable condition to allow for the installation to be carried out. Any adjustments to our installation aimed at compensating for defective substrates will be chargeable.
  10. The areas should be in an undecorated state and any damaged substrates made good. Where decoration of the substrates has already been completed, then the customer acknowledges that our work is considered as a wet trade and any decorated substrates will require further decoration / making good at their own cost once our works are complete. 
  11. Access scaffolding supplied by the customer must be safe, secure, and maintained in accordance with the Working at Height Regulations 2005. Its configuration must be fit for purpose in line with the requirements or our works and in place prior to our arrival.
  12. Deliveries may take place ahead of our installation team. Adequate and clear space close to the work area must be made available for safe storage of materials. Whilst materials are stored onsite any damages caused by others may be chargeable. For phased installs any materials left onsite must be kept safe while we are absent from site, if this cannot be guaranteed we should be informed so collection can be arranged for safe storage at our workshop until continuation of our works.
  13. Our quotation assumes that the client shall provide at no charge access to fresh water and electrical supply, adequate lighting, safe storage for materials and equipment, access for deliveries, welfare facilities, and free use of onsite disposal facilities where applicable. 


  1. It is not possible to predict the impact that adverse weather will have on our intended programme for exterior work. The customer acknowledges that any delays suffered due to weather are outside of our control.
  2. All fitted mouldings remain the property of British Mouldings until full payment is received.
  3. Our operatives standard working day is 8 hours. Out of hours work will be chargeable pro-rata at a 50% premium.
  4. Rectification of any damages sustained to our work by others during or after installation will be chargeable.
  5. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payments at a rate of 10% above the Bank of England base rate.
  6. Any additional leftover materials onsite beyond the scope of this quote remain the property of British Mouldings and collection will be arranged unless otherwise agreed.
  7. British Mouldings is a trading style of Decorative Mouldings UK Ltd (Company Number 11175315) Registered in England and Wales – Registered office address 8 Hurricane Way, Norwich, United Kingdom, NR6 6EY. VAT number 287498042