Architectural Styles

Architectural Styles

From 1714 to 1837
Houses during this time were built to be spacious and comfortable, they were built with grand proportions to create a heightened sense of space and light in the property, to contrast the darker architectural styles that preceded the Georgian era.
From 1830 to 1901
The period was a time of the industrial revolution which in turn lead to the mass production of houses and increasing wealth. Pre victorian period houses were owned by gentry and wealthy landowners. In the Victorian era wealth began to be spread across society in the wake of the industrial revolution  this lead to houses becoming less grand and more accessible.
From 1901 from 1910
This short period was heavily influenced by the arts and crafts movement happening at the time. The houses built had a simple design with an appreciation for the handmade in retaliation of the mass production of the Victorian era.
From 1922 from 1940
This Style of architecture is easily recognised due to the sharp edge looks and stylized geometric decorative details. This style was an intentional break from the past, being the first to to look forward rather than back.